Mineron Medical PETG Copolyester Sheet


Mineron uses the highest quality raw material, PETG 6763 from Eastman Chemical to manufacture our medical packaging PETG sheets. Mineron’s benchmarking and internal quality control systems are rigorous and comprehensive, meeting ISO11607-1 quality standard. Our state of the art production facility incorporates computer process control to ensure product purity and uniformity, providing safe and high quality materials to the pharmaceutical industry around the world.

Key Attributes:

  • Gamma rays, EtO, and autoclaving sterilizable
  • Ensures package integrity – instruments remain sterile
  • Good adhesion ability and excellent toughness
  • Good melt strength at processing temperatures
  • Compliant with International safety regulations


  • Syringe Packaging
  • Medical Device Packaging
  • Surgical Instruments’ Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical field
  • Food Packaging