RPET Sheet - Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Sheet


In today’s new eco-friendly world, there has been more demand for “green” products. Mineron as a socially responsible company, has extended our product line to include RPET to improve our commitment for the 3R (Reuse, reduce, Recycle) approach.。

Key Attributes

  • Raw material is made from post-consumer PET bottles which are FDA approved.
  • Recycled raw materials imported from Japan are in compliance with  “The Japan Container & Packaging Recycling Association” regulations. Each batch of raw material is provided with official quality certification.
  • Recyclable, no noxious fumes. 
  • Effective system is implemented to ensure traceability from raw materials to finished products.
  • More countries are encouraging the use of recycled materials, importers of RPET can enjoy tax concessions. 


  • Food packaging
  • Toys packaging
  • Electronics products packaging